Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is pleased to provide advance notice of the SFI Investigators Programme (IvP) 2015. The programme supports the development of world-class research capability and human capital in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that demonstrably support and underpin enterprise competitiveness and societal development in Ireland. To this end, SFI funds outstanding people with innovative ideas and strategic partnerships, recognising that excellence remains a paramount criterion in the research it funds.

In addition to the objective to stimulate and catalyse strong participation by Irish researchers in H2020, the objectives of the 2015 IvP call will be similar to those of previous calls. These include:

  • To support excellent scientific research that has potential economic and societal impact.
  • To increase the average research income secured by Ireland-based PIs from international funding entities such as the EU.
  • To increase the level of leadership roles held by Ireland-based PIs in major European Initiatives, in particular Horizon 2020.
  • To maintain Ireland’s top 20 position in international bibliometric rankings through an increase in the number and quality of journal publications.
  • To support through the Investigator Career Award (ICA) Programme those researchers returning to active academic research after a prolonged absence.
  • To foster and support collaborations with significant research entities and industry.

The funding available and the award durations will be similar to the IvP 2014 call (4-5 year research programmes with budgets ranging from €400,000 to €2,500,000).

The call will launch in late March 2015 with a deadline in late June 2015.

More details, please see: