China is the world’s second largest economy and the pace of its development has led to its contribution of greater than 15% of the growth in world economic output over the last decade. As part of a strategy to ensure long term, sustainable growth, China’s development planning has targeted research and development in a number of scientific fields and related industries. China is already the world’s third largest performer of R&D investing $139Bn, equivalent to 1.83% of GDP, in 2011. The current five-year plan (2011-15) targets 2.2% of GDP for R&D, specifies 22 urban development areas for R&D, opens Chinese Government funding to partnerships with international researchers, and highlights emerging technology domains including biotechnology, new materials and next-generation information technology. These are well aligned with several of Ireland’s research priority areas. This provides a compelling opportunity for Irish research institutions and companies to build on established strategic partnerships and develop the mechanisms to initiate and grow new research collaborations at a significantly higher level of activity than currently. This will clearly benefit researchers from both countries: for Irish researchers new partnerships and potential access to Chinese Government funding; for Chinese partners, access to Irish expertise and a gateway to EU funding sources and wider partnerships. More broadly, the strategy of both countries to invest in prioritised areas of R&D will be facilitated to mutual advantage, leading to enhanced economic prospects.

Main Chinese Partners:


中国科学院生物物理研究所(CAS – Institute of Biophysics)