Dr. Markus Rehm is currently working at the CAS in Beijing as part of the SFI ISCP China programme. Dr. Rehm visited ISCP/3U office on 21 November and discussed more collaboration opportunities.

Dr. Rehm is a tenured Research Lecturer in Physiology and Biophysics. His experimental Systems Biology group is part of the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics.

  • His interdisciplinary team covers expertise in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Imaging, and Computational Modelling.
  • His group has established and utilized quantitative biochemistry and confocal and FRET-based imaging systems in combination with cell biological methods to monitor key processes during apoptosis execution in human cancer cells.
  • This research in combination with complex computational systems analyses provides functional insight into cell fate decisions and the mechanisms of tumour cell resistance.


Photo was taken as part of a strategy meeting at the newly established 3U office in Beijing. In the picture are (ltr) Yvonne Li (MU), Xiaoxia Wang (DCU),Mrkus Rehm (RCSI), Yinya Liu (MU)