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The Supramolecular Chemistry Ireland (SCI) Half Day Symposium was held at Renehan Hall, Maynooth University on Wednesday 8th July 2015 from 2pm to 6.00 pm with a Poster and Wine Reception.

SCI 2015 has brought together a host of world renowned participants ranging from invited speakers to flash presentation sessions and a poster session covering a broad range of supramolecular topics. Coinciding with The Catalysis and Sensing for our Environment Symposium (CASE) 2015 taking place in Dublin, SCI2015 has combined the best of Supramolecular Chemistry research from China to Ireland/UK and everywhere in between, opening lines of communication and collaboration worldwide.

Supramolecular Chemistry is all about interactions between molecules: how they can recognise each other, assemble and function on a molecular scale. It provides a bottom up approach to nanoscale systems with applications ranging from biology to materials science.

The Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium in Ireland has been held annually since 2000 in the School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin. This is the first time it has been held outside of TCD.

It is the largest meeting of its kind in Ireland and brings together supramolecular chemists with interests in organic, inorganic, physical and biological chemistry from across Ireland stretching to China and Australia.


ISCP China, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Maynooth University.